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Boxfast have been providing Independent Concrete Pump Services for over a decade. We pride ourselves on our service and we will got the extra mile to ensure our customers get the service they expect.

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Concrete Pump

Our concrete pump delivers concrete where it is needed. With a 32m boom plus additional pipework our concrete pour experts can reach the most inaccessible locations up to 110m away.


Grab Lorry

Our Grab Lorry Muck Away service makes light work of tidying any site. Often more cost effective than multiple skips and no waiting around for collection.


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Boxfast, Concrete pump specialists

Boxfast Concrete pump services deliver volumetric concrete exactly where it is needed. Our pump solutions provide a significant time and labour saving solution for moving both a high and low volume concrete pour.

Concrete Pump services are mobile, vehicle mounted and remote controlled. A placing arm allows the operator to transfer concrete accurately and precisely. This reduces time and waste that can be associated with other manual processes.
Ideal for larger construction projects, the arm cab extend up to 32 metres. It also allows for vertical transfer of concrete for multi-level buildings. The concrete flow can be adjusted through a series of connected pipes. This provides a high level of control in often hard to access locations.
Line pumps are used to deliver smaller volumes of concrete when used at smaller construction sites. This is ideal for project such as self-build or concrete bases for garages and sheds. Up to 82 metres of pipe can be combined to deliver concrete up to 110 metres from the pump to final destination. The flexible pipes allow e precis direct delivery of concrete.
In most circumstances, a concrete pump will be used in conjunction with a concrete provider who will be on site for the concrete pour with the correct mix to place into hoppers that the pump with then transfer. The remote operation means the operator can be closer to those on site, allowing visual and verbal communication, improving safety and accuracy.

Reach new heights!

Our concrete boom can reach up to 32m! Allowing us to deliver concrete to multi-floor developments with ease. We offer onsite support and advice to ensure that you get the best service possible.

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Boxfast Muck Away

A grab lorry provides a cost effective alternative to a skip. A 32 ton grab vehicle would be able to clear up to 2 large skips at one time, requires no manual process other than the operator.

With a reach of 8 metres, and a bucket capacity of 1 ton a grab lorry provides fast and effective means to clear a variety of waste types. With a total load capacity of 16 tons, one of the main advantages over a skips is that it does not require any manual loading and once loaded it is taken away immediately, whereas a skip can become an obstruction to site traffic until it is removed.

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